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Holiday 2022 Limited Edition Heirloom Earrings

Holiday 2022 Limited Edition Heirloom Earrings

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These are the earrings you've been searching for since the inception of your adult self's style. If you saw these earrings walking down the street, you'd longingly assume "it's the only of its' kind." If you googled "perfect gold embellished earrings" later that evening, you'd wind up in a state of existential sadness because your favorite costs as much as a mansion or turns out to be a tiny necklace for Molly McIntire.

Well, my friends, here it is. The perfect earrings: Classic, elegant, simple. Hand painted, covered in resin for that hard-to-the-touch finish, rendered by hand in clay so they're the perfect accessory for each and every outfit. Not vintage but looks like it. Not a mansion. Not Molly McIntire's necklace. Just all yours to love forever.

The perfect earring for holiday affairs -- and all year round.


• They’re totally and completely one of a kind — no two are the same — so you don’t have to worry about entering that Christmas party you’re so excited about wearing the same barrette as someone else (can’t make that guarantee for your dress though, but I wish I could!)

• These earrings are cut by hand and baked so you don’t have to worry about them breaking the first time you wear it.

• The earrings are hand painted and embellished with 24 karat gold — so you’ll feel extra glam whether you’ve washed your hair or not! 

• The earrings are sealed with resin and glued with the BEST glue — so that 1. You know it won’t fall apart the first time you wear it and 2. It will shine and keep the paint + gold from chipping so you know it’ll look beautiful forever! 

Grab yours today! 

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Give the gift of art.

“I was really impressed by how beautiful the work was in person. It made me appreciate the beauty of the original piece even more than I knew I did. To see and touch it made me realize how much thought and time went into each piece.”

- Emily Curzon, client


Made with the highest quality materials, delivered to your door with White-Glove flat-rate shipping.